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Dalton Whitfield Chamber of Commerce - www.daltonchamber.org/
Land Area: Whitfield County covers 290 square miles and the greatest distance between boundaries is 26 miles.
Population: According to Census 2000 population of Whitfield County is 83,525 and the city of Dalton is 27,912.
Climate: The climate in Dalton is just right in all four seasons. The average July temperature is 78.2 degrees, and the average January temperature is 40.9 degrees. The annual average temperature is 60 degrees; the average annual snowfall is 2.5 inches; and the average amount of rain per year is 52.3 inches. Dalton's humidity ranges from 50%-60% in the afternoon in cooler weather, and from 80%-90% in the morning, during warm weather. The average elevation in Whitfield County is 710 feet.
Accommodations: Include more than 1,191 motel rooms and more than 144 restaurants.


Dalton Events - www.daltonevents.com/
Listing of arts, entertainment, and family fun events, for Dalton, Georgia.


Pleasant Grove Elementary School - www.whitfield.k12.ga.us/PGE/PGE.HTML
Information on elementary school located in Dalton, Georgia.


The City of Dalton - www.ci.dalton.ga.us
The official municipal web site for The city of Dalton, Georgia. The carpet capital of the world.


Dr. Donald W. Bowling - www.kidspsych.com/
Psychologist specializing in children and adolescents.